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Step-by-Step Setup Guide Install the SAML SSO App for Server or Data Center. In your Atlassian product, open the in-product marketplace as described in the Atlassian documentation. Search for "resolution saml" and click "Install" for SAML Single Sign On (SSO) by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH.After the installation is complete, click on Manage, then choose Configure. NOTE: Before reading this guide, determine where your World at War root directory is located.. Non-Steam Install: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty World at War\. Steam Install: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\. For the rest of this guide, it will be assumed that the word "root" refers to the appropriate installation path shown above. Ergo. Ergo is an open-source project that helps reduce the time-from-discovery gap that exists between researchers, practitioners, and decision makers by integrating the latest research findings, most accurate data, and new methodologies into a single software product. 4. Click on browse (3) to select the file. 5. Select from the dropdown list (4) a document type; 6. Use the Description field(5) to provide additional information on the document (a description of the file – author, subject, content, and so on). 7.

Great answer, but: this plugin is currently only available for Confluence 4.X, Confluence is now on . So there are chances that this will not work for you. – mliebelt Mar 27 '14 at 12:57 add a comment | The IRF-PAI Manual offers item-by-item coding instructions and coding examples for each item for IRF staff to accurately complete the IRF-PAI. The most recent version of the IRF-PAI Manual is available in the downloads section below. Updates. June 17, 2020. Delayed: Release of Updated IRF-PAI Version 4.0 and Accompanying Guidance Manual

Confluence is a web-based corporate wiki (collaboration software) developed by Australian software company Atlassian. Atlassian wrote Confluence in the Java programming language and first published it in 2004. Confluence Standalone comes with a built-in Tomcat web server and hsql database, and also supports other databases.. The company markets Confluence as enterprise software, licensed as ... Software teams may refer to documentation when talking about product requirements, release notes, or design specs. Technical teams may use docs to detail code, APIs, and record their software development processes. Externally, documentation often takes the form of manuals and user guides for sys-admins, support teams, and other end users.